Carolina Solar Structures

40 Years Experience In Manufacturing & Building Pre-Engineered Aluminum Structures Nationwide

For over 40 years Carolina Solar Structures (CSS) has been in the business of manufacturing and installing custom swimming pool enclosures, sunrooms, spa enclosures, skylights, greenhouses, and carwashes. The environment CSS enclosures offer is fresh, airy, and natural, providing year-round use no matter what the weather.

By using the highest quality materials, CSS sets the standard in the industry for building the finest contemporary enclosures nationwide. To learn more pleaseĀ contact us.

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Our products make your business more profitable and your property more beautiful!

Carolina Solar Structures are sound investments for municipal or other public-use recreational facilities, insuring maximum use per tax dollar, increasing revenue, and dramatically reducing operating costs.

Your guests will appreciate having access to a facility that can be used year-round, wherever their travels may take them.

The environment that Carolina Solar Structures provides is fresh, airy, natural: a sharp contrast to the steamy, chlorine-tainted atmosphere usually associated with other public indoor pool areas.

Carolina Solar Structure’s coated aluminum structures, stainless steel fasteners and triple wall polycarbonate glazing resist the deteriorating effects of strong sunlight, high humidity and chemicals.

Carolina Solar Structures

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